Marielle Warren, IBCLC


About Marielle

I am extremely fortunate to have found this profession. It is important to me that my professional pursuits make a positive contribution. In becoming a Lactation Consultant, I have found a lifelong career and passion. I get to help people, be creative and use critical thinking skills while no two days are the same. What is an IBCLC?

I have been providing lactation support to families since 2008, starting with volunteering through Nursing Mother’s Counsel, followed by Lactation Educator training led by Molly Pessel, BSN, IBCLC, and culminating in the IBCLC exam and graduation from the UC San Diego Lactation Consultant Program, led by Gini Baker, MPH, IBCLC. My experience has provided me with the opportunity to work with families prior to the baby arriving, immediately following birth (hospital and home birth) and subsequent support in the first weeks and months.


I was able to breastfeed my own son, but not without a very rocky start that included solutions and gadgets I never anticipated. I do believe that the biological benefits of human milk are best at providing babies with what they need, more so than any other source of food. However, I also recognize that things do not always turn out as expected. I consider it my role to empower families by identifying options and providing up-to-date information.

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